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Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation receives current funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts under the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) program.

The Corporation also receives current funding from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland's Backing Indigenous Arts initiative (BIA) program and the Regional Arts Development Fund (IRADF).

In July 2019, Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation recieved funding from Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) through the Queensland Attorney General and Minister for Justice to purchase a new vehicle and new computers.

Business Hours: Arts Centre Closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Key staff working remotely from home electronically.

Latest News

Mon 06 Apr 2020

Lockhart River Arts Centre has had a long association with The Picture Framer on 294 Severin Street, Parramatta Park, Queensland. Owners Mark and Nicole and staff over the years have stretched paintings and mixed media artworks for the Arts Centre and Art Centre customers.

Extensive works include framing Lockhart River artworks for the annual Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and arts centre special projects in far North Queensland.

Mon 06 Apr 2020

We are so pleased to congratulate one of our most senior and elderly artist Elizabeth "Queenie" Giblet who celebrates her birthday on 6th April 2020.

Affectionately known as old gal "Queenie", she was born on 6 April 1939 at the old mission (old Lockhart River). She is a long active member of the Lockhart River group of Indigenous artists.

At 81 years old, she is a a treasure to the Arts Centre, the Lockhart River Community and the wider Indigenous art world.

Happy Birthday Mama "Queenie". Hip...pip..Hurray!

Written by: Enoch Perazim, Chief Executive Officer


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