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Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation receives current funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts under the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) program.

The Corporation also receives current funding from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland's Backing Indigenous Arts initiative (BIA) program and the Regional Arts Development Fund (IRADF).

Lets unite to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Practice social distancing. Stay at home if your sick. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your cough and sneeze. Wear a mask as directed.

Business Hours: Opening hours may differ due to Covid 19 Pandemic. Contact the Arts Centre prior to your visit to the community.

Latest News

Thu 17 Dec 2020

The Arts Centre has opened up new Instagram and Twitter Accounts linking it's Facebook Account. The objective is to increase reach to wider audience both within Australia and Internationally.

As a small to medium sized Indigenous business operator, marketing to reach the wider population is costly. We rely on word of mouth for 75% of our reach to new and existing customers and general audience.

Thu 17 Dec 2020

On Monday 14 December 2020, the Arts Centre's first and new online shop platform went live. Customers within Australia and Internationally can now browse through 80 artworks ranging from paintings, ceramic craft, wood carvings and traditional sehshells and seed jewellry at their comfort anytime, anywhere 24/7.


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