Elizabeth Queenie Giblet - Deceased

Elizabeth Queenie Giblet - Deceased

Brief Biography

Elizabeth Giblet was born in April 1939 and comes from the Umpila language group. She is from Lockhart River in Queensland Australia. She is known as “Queenie” by all community members in Lockhart River and is one of the respected “Old Girls”. She is a naturally gifted artist and her works have been exhibited in the Lockhart River group exhibitions in Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, Darwin and Houston Texas USA. Over the years, many of her artworks under copyright licensing agreements were used in both private and public electronic material. Her most recent copyright publications was in May 2016 at which two artworks titled “Dancing Time in Lockhart River Queensland” and “Mathamathaku – My Homeland” was used by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Canberra for NAIDOC 2016 print material. Queenie is a valuable active member artist.

Queenie's intricately designed painting - featuring one of her favourite subjects - Pa'anamu (Headbands) for Laura Festival, is currently on display in the National Gallery of Australia's new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art gallery.

Artist Statement:

“I was born at old site. They call me Queenie after that Queen Elizabeth. Yea. They call me that name now. Queenie come to Art Centre to paint with them old girls. I tell them too for come painting. It’s good for we come painting and tell stories and laugh”. - Elizabeth Queenie Giblet


National Gallery of Australia Canberra; Parliament House (Canberra)

Artist Image: