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Fiona Omeenyo

Fiona Omeenyo

Brief Biography

Fiona Omeenyo was born in August 1981. She is from Lockhart River Queensland Australia. She is one of the original Lockhart River Art Gang members. Fiona paints ancestral spirits and themes her other works on the parrot sisters story from her country. She developed her painting skills during the formative years of Lockhart River’s arts emergence in the 90’s and has established a solid footprint within Australia and the International art space specific to Indigenous Australian Art. She has exhibited extensively in solo and Lockhart River group exhibitions since 2001 in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Canberra, Darwin and Alice Springs in NT, Laura in Queensland, Berlin Germany, Manhattan New York, Houston Texas, New Mexico USA, London UK, Brittany France and Spoletto Italy.  Her works have also been published under copyright licensing in electronic and print mediums both within Australia and Internationally. Fiona then worked independent from for 4 years. In January 2016, she re-signed her membership with Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation and has returned into the group’s fold. Fiona is an active member artist. She is a valuable active member artist.

Artist Statement:

The paintings I'm painting now are about traditional family and everyday things. I still remember my home and country through my paintings even though we don't have many elders or family with us these days to tell new stories. No matter where you go, I keep these stories and memories for a life time


Thomas Vroom Collection, Netherlands; Wollongong University Collection, NSW; ATSIC Collection; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Department of Native Title Collection; Northern Territory University Collection, Darwin; Cairns Regional Gallery, Queensland; Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Artist Image: