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Irene Namok

Irene Namok

Brief Biography

Irene Namok was born in April 1960 and comes from Lockhart with family connections to Thursday Island. She comes from the Kanthanampu language group. She is from Lockhart River Queensland Australia. Her grandfather was a church minister at the Old Site Mission (Old Lockhart). Irene is one of the leading established Lockhart River artists. She is the mother of another well-known Lockhart River artist Rosella Namok who is also a current member artist. Irene has exhibited extensively in both solo and Lockhart River group exhibitions in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart Tasmania, Perth, Darwin, Houston Texas, Paris France and in Singapore. Irene is known for her contemporary abstract paintings that underpins her footprint as an Indigenous Australian artist. Irene is a valuable active member artist.

Artist Statement:

I like mixing the colours that blends and that's how I get the colours from the brightness of the sun, like morning sun, midday sun and afternoon sunset. I take it from there now and put it on my linen and canvas. My painting is about land, about culture, ancestor stories that been passed down from my family elders and from my own childhood life.  I also paint about my emotions. I paint about the bush fires and the waterholes. I paint about the rainforest and mountain ranges in my country. I also paint about the lagoons because we like to swim in the lagoons. I also paint about meetings times and festivals times and meeting places. I am happy when they buy my paintings because they taking a piece of my story with them to another place.


Lepley Collection Western Australia, Various high profile private collectors.

Artist Image: