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Josiah Omeenyo

Josiah Omeenyo

Brief Biography

Josiah Omeenyo was born in May 1963 and comes from the Umpila-Kanthanampu language group. He is from Lockhart River Queensland Australia. Josiah is the son of another current Lockhart River artist Evelyn Omeenyo and his big mama (his mother’s sister) Margery Accoom is also a current Lockhart River Artist. Josiah is well known for his coral reef themed paintings using spectacular colour combinations. He has exhibited in solo and in Lockhart River group exhibitions in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart Tasmania, Perth, Darwin and Houston Texas USA. In 2009, he was shortlisted in the Paddington Landscape Award in Sydney. Josiah is a valuable active member artist of Lockhart River Arts Centre.

Artist Statement:

I am a cultural leader and have led Lockhart River dancers with other leaders to many song and dance festivals outside of Lockhart River. I love to paint my heart on the canvas and linen through share my stories with the world.

Artist Image: