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Margery Accoom

Margery Accoom

Brief Biography

Margery Accoom was born in January 1953 and comes from Lockhart River, Queensland Australia. She comes from the Kanthanampu language group. Margery commenced painting in 2014. She returned to community after concluding her professional work career. She is very passionate about painting her culture and traditional stories through her artwork. Margery also weaves traditional baskets and has completed ceramic bird works through the pottery workspace onsite at Lockhart River Arts Centre. Margery’s artwork’s under copy right licence agreement was used by OXFAM Australia in 2014 for their Christmas catalogue merchandise which included 12x pack cards. She has exhibited in Lockhart River group exhibitions in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Darwin. Margery is an active valuable member artist.

Artist Statement:

Grew up at old mission site, when the government came in in the 50’s people had to be separated from the oldsite (and brought to the current location of Lockhart River). Mum went up to Bamaga with my brother and I went up with Evelyn my older sister. I went to Charters Towers for school and completed grade 10. I spent more time at Bamaga working at the Department of Aboriginal and Island Affairs Office (DAIA). Then I went south to Brisbane to Business College and got a job with DAIA.

I also lived in Sydney for a while. I came home when mum was sick. She was fine my family just wanted me back. I worked at the local community bar in Umagico near Bamaga. In 1977 I came back to Lockhart. I worked at the School and the Health Centre. I now stay here and recently started painting at the Art Centre. Evelyn was my teacher. She taught me how to weave ‘puunya’ (grass dilly bags) and baskets. I like to paint too.

Artist Image: