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Patrick W. Butcher Jnr

Patrick W. Butcher Jnr

Brief Biography

Patrick W Butcher Jnr was born in January 1977 and comes from the Umpila language group. He was part of the early group of artists in the mid 1990’s that formed the Lockhart River Art Gang. Whilst developing his artistic skills, Patrick joined the Australian Army Reserves. He has moved on from the army.

Patrick’s works are a contemporary take on a range of subjects which he pre-thinks before starting his works. His work is a combination of links to his strong cultural traditions, land, sea and language heritage.

Patrick paints with acrylic on canvas and linen. Patrick has done batik and lino-printing works using cross hatching techniques. He has also done small scale beginners pottery works.

Since 1997 to early 2017, Patrick Butcher has had his works exhibited in Lockhart River Group exhibitions in Hobart Tasmania, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Houston Texas in America.

Artist Statement:

In my spare time I like to go fishing. When its high tide I like to go spear fishing for stingrays and the many species of fish I come across, and diving amongst the rocks off shore. Usually I like to make spear and find the elders and have a yarn with them about bush tucker and all that.

Collections: Queensland Art Gallery, Wollongong University Collection, National Gallery of Victoria, National Museum of Australia Canberra

Artist Image: