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A Taste of the Peninsula Exhibition - Cooktown Queensland

A Taste of the Peninsula Exhibition - Cooktown Queensland

Lockhart River Arts Centre will participate in a combined group exhibition consisting of Indigenous Arts Centres in the Cape York geography. The exhibition will be at the Charles Tanner Gallery located at Nature's PowerHouse within the historic botanic gardens. Paintings from artists Thelma Hobson, Silas Hobson, Rosella Namok, Fiona Omeenyo, Patrick Butcher Jnr and Irene Namok were delivered to the gallery on 3 August 2018.

Thelma Hobson's paintings are about the river flowing to the ocean in her Country and surrounding water holes and billabongs. Silas Hobson's paintings are about ancestral guardian spirits and family gathering. Rosella Namok's paintings are about the waterfall at night. Fiona Omeenyo's paintings are about the warmth of the afternoon sunset and it's compelling beauty that draws families together. Patrick Butcher Jnr's paintings are about drag nets for yabbies (crabs) and Irene Namok's paintings are about the forest landscape view bottom up and how the afternoon sunset shines through thick forset canopies. This is a must see and buy exhibition.

The official opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday 24 August 2018 from 3pm-5pm. The exhibition will conclude on Sunday 30 September 2018. This is a free entry exhibition and the general public, tourists and all community members from Cape York are invited to attend the opening. 

Lockhart River is pleased to be a part of this exhibition as this marks a re-entry into Cooktown after more then a decade from the last recorded exhibition.

Special thanks to gallery manager Barbara Leys and her team of staff and volunteers for their excellent work in installing the exhibition.

Written: Enoch Perazim, Corporation Manager


Thu 23 Aug 2018