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A star was born in April 1960 - 60 years on to year 2020

A star was born in April 1960 - 60 years on to year 2020

On Friday 24 April 2020, one of Lockhart River's senior and high profile elder artist turns 60 years old. Born on 24 April 1960 and affectionately known within the Lockhart River ARTGANG as Mama Irene Namok, she has stood the test of time from her humble beginnings to establish herself as a contemporary Indigenous Australian Female artist within Australia and the International market.

Life hasn't been all that easy for Mama Irene Namok. She recalls a special moment when she was 11 years old, out playing around the fire on the beach whilst her grandparents and families were having hot cuppa tea and yarning away. That evening, the stars also were shining bright high above. Her grandparents called her and showed her the stars above pointing with a brief silence. Her grandparents then went on to tell her that one day, she would make them proud and all their families as she would become a bright star herself. She never understood the talk back then but kept these words deep within her heart. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Mama Irene now remembers that yarn from childhood with her grandparents. The yarn was about her rising as a star with special and home grown artistic talent. Mama Irene Namok is also the mother of another remarkable Lockhart River artist, Rosella Namok.

The CEO, board of directors, the artists and staff wish Mama Irene Namok a happy birthday 60th Birthday.

Enoch Perazim - Chief Executive Officer

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation




Thu 23 Apr 2020