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Simon Butcher in Los Angeles - Black in Dance Conference

Simon Butcher in Los Angeles - Black in Dance Conference

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation (LRAIC) received a request for assistance on 11 January 2018 from Rita Pryce, Executive Director and Artistic Director of Price Centre for Culture and Arts situated at Manoora Queensland. The assistance was for Simon Butcher, a talented Lockhart River youth to attend and participate at the International Conference and Festival of Blacks in Dance in Los Angeles from 23 - 28 January 2018. The total duration of Simon Butcher's stay in Los Angeles was 10 days which included particitpating at a pre-conference summit from 23 - 24 January 2018. The conference host is LULA Washington Dance Theatre. Also attending the conference with Simon Butcher is Rita Pryce and other Indigenous Australian youths. 

A prompt review was undertaken by LRAIC Manager in Hobart who at the time was attending Lockhart River's women only group exhibition. Matching the conference objectives with the Corporation's key performance indicator (KPI) on Cultural Retention, an opportunity was available to contribute financially to Simon Butcher's travel to Los Angeles. 

Simon Butcher's participation included interacting and speaking with Youth Leadership and Global Networking for Lockhart River Community from a youth's perspective, gaining a deeper understanding of expectations of international performers and acts, the standards required for cultural and dance performance on an international stage and engaging in his capacity as a current and active dance member of the famous Kawadji Wimpa dance group from Lockhart River. 

The key to post conference is the follow through back in Australia from Rita Pryce and her team with Simon Butcher. The Corporation contributed $2000 out of a $5000 requirement for Simon Butcher. Other generous contributors came on board and together we were able to put Simon Butcher on his return trip to Los Angeles.

Rita Pryce will forward updates on the group's return to Australia and this will be published on our website.

Enoch Perazim, Corporation Manager, 30 January 2018









Tue 30 Jan 2018