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New handmade traditional necklaces by elder artist Evelyn Omeenyo

New handmade traditional necklaces by elder artist Evelyn Omeenyo

76 year old community elder and senior elder artist Evelyn Omeenyo completed 22 handmade traditional necklaces in early July 2020. The necklaces were made of giddy giddy red seeds, assorted seashells and wild fruit seeds collected from Lockhart River over many months. Evelyn said it's pain staking slow to carefully make holes in each seed and shell but she enjoys the passion to do the necklaces. She said, "this is our traditional jewellery". She said the necklaces are collected from her Country from traditional land that prohibits outside visitors on to certain marked traditional land. The seeds reminds her of her childhood traditional playground, camping times with families and fishing as some of the seeds are collected along sandy beaches. Evelyn Omeenyo said making the necklaces requires love and care as it represents the beauty of her Country, her language, her people, her cultural and traditional Indigenous identity.

Evelyn said she feels good that her traditional necklaces will make someone look good. Necklaces are used in traditional shake-a-leg dances as part of body painting and on special occassions. The traditional jewellery will be available for sale in late August 2020. 

Enoch Perazim - Chief Executive Officer

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation




Tue 11 Aug 2020