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Arts Centre Closure extended to 23 May 2020

Arts Centre Closure extended to 23 May 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic prevention measures and in compliance with Australian Federal Government and State of Queensland Government directives, Lockhart River Arts Centre has extended its closure on 23 April 2020 to 23 May 2020. The extended closure period is for a further 4 weeks. Tourist visitors intending to travel to Lockhart River are urged not to travel to the Arts Centre as the community remains shutdown to non-essential travel by air, road and sea.

Lockhart River Arts Centre first closed its doors to customers on 23 March 2020. During the current closure, key staff will continue to work from home and process all business operations electronically to customers and general stakeholders.

The Arts Centre does not have an online shopping facility on its current website however interested customers should contact the Arts Centre through the contact page on the website for a catalogue to purchase artworks. The Arts Centre's commercial gallery represenatives remain closed as well during the pandemic to walk in customers. The commercial galleries are still operating behind closed doors with limited staff. Customers are encouraged to navigate on the arts centre's webpage to contact commercial galleries stocking Lockhart River artworks for purchase.

The extended closure period will bring the Arts Centre's closure to 8 weeks by 23 May 2020. This has also significantly cut sales commission earnings for 26 artists registered with Lockhhart River Arts Centre. Next review to remain shut or reopen will be done on 23 Mbbbbay 2020.

Written by: Enoch Perazim, Chief Executive Officer


Thu 23 Apr 2020