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Cheryl Accoom

Cheryl Accoom

Brief Biography

Cheryl Accoom was born in August 1992 and comes from the Kanthanampu language group. She is from Lockhart River in Queensland Australia. Her works are themed around contemporary insight to her Country identity and the traditional and cultural values of her family.

Cheryl started painting in her teens and was one of the youngest Lockhart River Arts Gang painters. At age 17 she attracted huge interest with several major galleries representing her and her works. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne, Cairns and Houston Texas USA. In 2010 she featured on SBS television’s “Unlock Art” on the Living Black Program. She was short listed in the prestigious Churchie Awards in 2010.

In the following years, Cheryl took time off from painting to concentrate on her new family. In early 2016 Cheryl Accoom returned to the Lockhart River Arts Centre and recommenced painting. She is an valuable active member artist.

Artist Statement:

"I was born in Cairns and I grow up in Lockhart with my Nana, I went to school in Lockhart, my great Grandmother was a painter at the centre and she told me to come and paint at the arts centre. So first I came to be a cleaning lady, but I started painting here and I liked it. My paintings are about colours and how those colours say what I am feeling. I would like to keep painting. I feel happy when people buy my paintings." – Cheryl Accoom

Artist Image: