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KickArts Contemporary Arts Cairns Solo Exhibitions

KickArts Contemporary Arts Cairns Solo Exhibitions

Director of KickArts Contemporary Arts Cairns Justin Bishop showcased two super solo exhibitions in April and May 2017 at the IACA Member profile Wall.

The first exhibition from 1 April to 30 April 2017 featured works by Lockhart River Community elder and senior artist Sue Pascoe. Sue is a senior Kukuya'au women and painter at Lockhart River Arts Centre. Her works features the landscape surrounding Lockhart River and the Pascoe River documenting the rich wild life, flora and fauna on her home soil. The exhibition also recognised her previous works featured in several national collections including the National Gallery of Victoria and the University of Queensland.

The secound back to back solo exhibition for a Lockhart River artist was in May 2017 featuring well liked artist Irene Namok. Irene Namok is a senior painter at Lockhart River Arts Centre and she comes from the Kanthanampu language group.Irene's body of works details remarkable contemporary abstract style with sharp and strong impressions of her Country, ancesteral stories, environmental events and her soft and gentle emotional sensitivity to her home soil. Irene has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally including France, the United States of America and Singapore. The exhibition was from 1 May to 31 May 2017

An execellent back to back solo exhibition and there's more to come in the future.

Written by Enoch Perazim, Business Manager, Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation







Tue 06 Jun 2017