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Forging New Opportunities with STALA CONTEMPORARY

Forging New Opportunities with STALA CONTEMPORARY

Market growth expansion will continue to be a key strategic key performance indicator (KPI) for Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation (LRAIC) in financial year 2017-2018. Identifying existing and new gallery opportinties through geographic approach in all states and territories within Australia and Internationally requires market sensitivity, mutual agreeements and zero cross territorial activity overlap. 

Western Australia remains an important engagement state for Lockhart River Arts Centre. emerge ART SPACE had provided solid representation for Lockhart River artists and Lockhart River Arts Centre over a eleven (11) year period. Under the management of former directors Sherri Staltari and Jan Morskate, emerge ART SPACE provided a competitive Perth art market with a range of artworks from new, emerging and established Lockhart River artists.

In 2017, changing business climate and dynamics brought at end to emerge ART SPACE with a permanent closure. On September 8 2017, Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation Manager Enoch Perazim met Sherri Staltari in Perth to talk about fresh new opportunties in the forward future. Sherri Staltari established and founded STALA CONTEMPORARY in September 2017. A range of business objectives were discussed and at the conclusion of the meeting in Perth, a new working relations between Lockhart River Arts Centre was finalised and opened with STALA CONTEMPORARY. Key advantage is the local knowledge and Perth market experience that director Sherri Staltari brings to her new online gallery business. 

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation congratulates Director and Founder of STALA CONTEMPORARY Sherri Staltari for her vision to continue engaging with the arts market in Perth. 

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation thanks Jan Morskate for her support through the now closed emerge ART SPACE and wishes Jan all the best for the future ahead.

emerge ART SPACE details have now been replaced with STALA CONTEMPORARY. For more information, navigate to the Shop page and click STALA CONTEMPORARY.

Written by Enoch Perazim, Corporation Manager, Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation, 17 October 2017 









Tue 17 Oct 2017