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Arts Development Workshop - April 2017

Arts Development Workshop - April 2017

As part of our ongoing arts development program, the Art Centre's Business Manager Enoch Perazim successfully secured additional funding from Arts Queensland in Brisbane. The funding secured is through the Capacity Building funding stream.

Traditionally the Art Centre engaged arts consultant specialist to conduct onsite workshops at the Art Centre in Lockhart River. The consultants worked on a range of key performance indicators (KPI) set out by the Art Centre through its business plan. The KPI's focussed on artists continuity, artist body of works growth and diversification and arts quality and consistency through pratical workshop application. One of the key outcome targets was to encourage artists to prepare high quality works for the Art Centre's exhibition programs domestically and internationally as well as participation at the annual Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair.

In October 2016, Enoch Perazim submitted a proposal to Arts Queensland's Investment Program team to change the model of the program. The primary change was to substitute arts consultants and invite the Art Centre's existing partner galleries to conduct the arts development workshop. The proposed change was in summary to interact directly, hear and draw industry experience first hand from key gallery directors and owners on how and why they make decisions on accepting artworks of all mediums into their galleries, their client and buyer insights and the do and dont's of an ethical Indigenous Australian Arts Industry.

Arts Queensland approved the submission which resulted in the first workshop conducted at the Art Centre from 3 to 5 April 2017. The first workshop was facilitated by highly experienced Director of Kick Arts Contemporary Gallery Cairns, Justin Bishop. The workshop included pratical demonstration and was an encouraging success. At the conclusion of the workshop, Justin Bishop provided a debrief to the Business Manager which forms part of the ongoing building blocks strategy long term.

The next workshop is scheduled from 24 to 28 April 2017 and will be conducted by Euan and Catherine Hills, Owners of Art Mob Fine Aboriginal Art Gallery in Hobart Tasmania. The funding obtained from Arts Queensland pays for the time, travel and accomodation and services rendered by our partner galleries for the workshop. All workshops are and will be conducted onsite at Lockhart River.

We will share our success stories over the forward future on progress of this new program strategy.

Enoch Perazim, Business Manager








Wed 12 Apr 2017