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Art Mob Cape Country Group Exhibition

Art Mob Cape Country Group Exhibition

As the financial year 2016-17 draws to a close, Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery in Hobart Tasmania accelerated the month of June 2017 to a fast start with the Cape Country group exhibition from Lockhart River artists. Euan and Catherine Hills from Art Mob selected the artworks onsite at Lockhart River Arts Centre before returning to Tasmania late April 2017. The works selected for the exhibition captures the breadth and depth of the cultural and traditional expression from guardian dingos and ancesetral spirits to the rich and diverse rainforest and beach fauna. The June 2017 exhibition follows the successful group exhibition of Lockhart River paintings in January 2017 marking this to be the secound major group exhibition at Art Mob within the same year. Art Mob stated that this was one of their best curated exhibition.

Artist Silas Hobson opend the Lockhart River group exhibition in Hobart at 6pm on Thursday 1 June 2017. When artist Silas Hobson arrived a day before the exhibition, the temperature dropped to 4 degrees by the evening. Yet the excitement, passion and commitment through Art Mob and the Lockhart River Arts Centre set the motion to overcome the cold weather and push the bar up to another level. 

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The Cape Country exhibiton is on for the full month of June 2017.

A special thank you to Emma, Jake and Euan for the pre-exhibition preparations. The next Lockhart River group exhibition at Art Mob is confirmed for January 2018.

Written by Enoch Perazim, Business Manager, Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation 









Tue 06 Jun 2017