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Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation receives current funding from the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts under the Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support (IVAIS) program.

The Corporation also receives current funding from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland's Backing Indigenous Arts initiative (BIA) program and the Regional Arts Development Fund (IRADF).

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-3pm. Free entry.

Latest News

Fri 21 Jul 2017

Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation (LRAIC) is pleased to announce our latest working relations with Suzanne O'Connell Gallery in Brisbane. The working arrangements were finalised recently between Gallery Director Suzanne O'Connell and Enoch Perazim from Lockhart River Arts Centre at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on Thursday 13 July 2017. Suzanne O'Connell has had prior transactions with Lockhart River Arts Centre in the past however the new arrangement opens up fresh mutual opportunities for Lockhart River Art Centre artists as a total group.

Fri 21 Jul 2017

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair from 13-16 July 2017 was a success for Lockhart River Arts Centre. The market response at the market stall was tight predominantly with spenders on a tight budget and lack of extra wall space at home to fit the additional new piece of artwork. There were customers who knew which specific artists they had in mind for a purchase and there were customers who needed information from the Art Centre on individual artist profile and body of works. We were also pleased to serve repeat returning customers. 




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